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Status EXP Contact email
2 Leo Artiagas .382 P - OF Active RV N/A  
4 Justin  Cincola .489 OF Active RV N/A  
- Dean Hooker .333 OF-C Active RV N/A  
8 Rafael Garcia .417 C - OF Active RV N/A  
10 Pablo Batista .282 3B Active RV N/A  
11 Alex Batista .382 OF - P - INF Active RV N/A  
17 Alex Torrealba .250 1B DL RV N/A  
25 Javier Garcia (Tati) .394 SS Active RV N/A  
27 Nelson Reyes .258 DH - OF-INF Active RV N/A  
32 Yoel Rodriguez .342 OF Active RV N/A


39 JD Delara .379 P - OF Active RV 754.234.9140
23 Alex Tovar .381 C Active RV N/A  
10 Torrence Stennis .389 DH - P -OF Active RV N/A  
30 Vince Bell .500 DH - OF Active RV N/A  
58 D. Dilione .000 OF- Inf In-Active RV N/A  
  Jesus Alfonso .200          

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    Key: IR Injured/ Retiered list DNR = RV= Returning Veteran FA Free Agent = Primary Position

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