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 Dao Artistry by Jorge Delara
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Dao Artistry by Jorge Delara $24.97

The Dao Te Ching is expressed as a visual tapestry of artistic expression of oil on canvas paintings and illustrations, the book itself, designed as a HARD, 8-1/2 inch square shape, contrasted by SOFT supple covers, lets you feel the energy of the Dao from the first touch of this beautiful book.

The balance of hard & soft fills the interior pages with vibrantly rich images in bright colors, emotion and passions, you might want to pull out, frame and hang around your home or office. The soft, life enriching messages on each facing page fill the readers senses in a unique and enlightening way with each turn of a page. Delara invites the reader to immerse completely in each spread as if diving into the ocean, letting the message and colors wash over them and shows each their "way" to where each needs to be spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Driven by the swirling colors of his imagination & paint brushes, Delara shines conscious illumination on the Dao with fresh eyes on one of the oldest and most important manuscripts ever written. Embrace the lessons and teachings of Lao-Tsu's, the Old Master believed to be born around 604 BC and go....

Live the Dao in colors!

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Dao Artistry by Jorge Delara

Click here to buy it on:  Amazon.com



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Jorge Delara 2015 All rights reserved