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Jorge De Lara 2016

2016 Totes  Collection by JDS


Artwork Selected by Mayor Tomas Regalado for the Calle Ocho Improvement Project Press Conference scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 10:30 am at Domino Park, 1444 SW 8th Street....ORDER YOUR TOTE TODAY!!!

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New Release titled: Compartiendo - Sharing

New Release : SunnySide Beach

New Release : CircsGurl

New Release : Grey Pussy Cat

2016 EYES


New 2016 Release titled: Eyescapation

New 2016 Release titled: Eyeiii's

New 2016 Release titled: Eyescape

New Release titled: Visitor Eye

New Release titled: Bella en Rio

New Release titled: Bluesy

New Release :  Nikki's Butterfly

New Release titled: Moon over

New Release titled: Varadero Curves

New Release titled: 1984 Vision

New Release titled: Melissa's Sunrise

New Release titled:Moon and the Meteor

New Release titled:  Sunny Palms New Release titled:  Nikki's Butterfly New Release titled:  Whites of their Eyes